Thursday, 21 March 2013

swap partition VS swap file

Swap File:

1. If the hard disk is full or corrupted,swap file will get damaged.

2. System speed get decrease as soon the hard disk space is full.

3. It should be on a particular location where it should not get damaged or accidentally copied with other files.

4. It have advantage to increase the swap space on a system that have already installed with linux.

5. In any case if we need to increase the swap space of the system immediately we can do it.

6. We can able to create and keep the swap file on external device.

7. New kernel have nearly achieved to make both swap partitions and swap file speed closer.

8. Swap file will get fragmented.

Swap Partition:

1. Reside on a separate hard disk space.

2. Multiple Os on a single machine can share the same partition.

3. Fragmentation is less compare to swap file.

4. If hard disk is corrupted the swap partition would not be functioning.

5. Reduce accident loss or corruption.

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